Vedic Maths MATHXL

Vedic Math MATHXL is a free android math app available for phones and tablets. MathXL app would help you explore, learn and practice various math tricks with video tutorials, flashcards and practice questions. MATHXL vedic maths covers all the topics required for competitive exams. MATHXL provide quick tricks which will improve your speed and precision required for exams. Why MATHXL Vedic Math:- Cover tricks for fast calculation over conventional methods- Collection of ~200+ video tutorials for vedic math and mental math- More than 80+ free Flashcards to help remember math formulas- Create your own flashcards- More than 15+ topics explained as per competitive exams syllabus - Unlimited free chapter, practice and aptitude test- Real time exams simulation - Provide past performances in graphical format- Scratch pad for rough calculationsMATHXL vedic math covers following topics:1. Vedic Math Addition2. Vedic Math Subtraction3. Vedic Math Special Multiplication methods4. Vedic Math Squaring, Square Roots, Cube and Cube Roots5. Vedic Math Division6. Vedic Math Quadratic Equations7. Vedic Math Logarithms8. Vedic Math Averages, Mixtures and Alligations - Ratios9. Vedic Math Co-ordinate Geometry10. Vedic Math Time, Speed, Distance, Work11. Vedic Math Permutations and Combinations12. Vedic Math Number Systems13. Vedic Math Arithmetic14. Vedic Math Geometry15. Vedic Math AlgebraMATHXL vedic math App structure:Vedic math app has following sections:1. Learn Math Tricks2. Chapter Quiz3. Flashcards4. Practice Test5. Time based Practice Test6. Aptitude Test- Learn Math Tricks provide video based training for 15+ topics. - Chapter Quiz provide chapter quiz for key Vedic Maths topics - User can import flashcards and play flashcards- User can create own flashcards- Practice Test, Time based practice test and Aptitude Test provide real time exams simulator. This will help you to practice Vedic Maths tricks.App sync questions and flashcards from large questions bank hosted on cloud.Icons provided by math, Math Formulas
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