Learn Chinese Language in Urdu

Learn Chinese Language in Urdu is an ultimate and quick solution for learning Chinese.The Learn Chinese Language App has bilingual feature that enhances the ability to grasp Chinese Language easily for English as well as Urdu Speakers.The great opportunity to utilize yourself in future CPEC mega projects that will equally strengthen your career economically as well as professionally and also creating significant Job resources as a whole. This Learn Chinese App is enough to speak Chinese Language because more than 1000 commonly used phrases and words are included. Easy search word option helps for memorizing vocabulary.About 20 essential categories and contexts where Chinese phrases and words have been used which are sufficient for beginners as well as native English speakers to Speak Chinese Language (Mandarin) fluently. This Learning Chinese App is completely Offline, so no need of internet connectivity.Do you want to Learn and Speak Chinese Language with speed and fluency?Learning Chinese is a great fun!Urdu Chinese Language App is Great for everyone especially English, Chinese as well as Urdu Speakers!This Learning Chinese Language App provides you the opportunity to learn and speak Chinese fluently because all words & phrases used in our daily life is summed up at one place where you can also enhance your grammatical skills as well as build your vocabulary strength by searching 10,000 Chinese words with English and Urdu meaning in the Urdu Chinese app.This Chinese Language Learning App will also be great source for students who want to study in China and for those who just to visit China for tourism. Having used this Informative Chinese App, you can use daily life conversation everywhere in China. If you are at shops, bars, universities, schools, internet cafe & hospitals, this App will be helpful in all situations.Main Interface of Urdu Chinese App is divided in following sections:1. Chinese Basic Tones Section2. Chinese Grammar (Parts of Speech)3. Use of Grammar in Daily Sentences with Chinese & English Audio Translation4. 10,000 words Offline Dictionary5. Greetings6. Problems (Emergency situations)7. At Doctor (Health terminology)8. Numbers Counting9. Time10. Days11. Months12. Colours13. Transportation14. Directions15. Lodging16. Money17. Eating18. Bars19. Shopping20. Driving21. Authority22. Telephone and the Internet CafeMore topics will be added soon! Learn Chinese is so easy because it also contains use of Chinese grammar in conversational sentences which really helps you to structure the sentence correctly using Verbs, Particles, Adverbs & other Parts of Speech. This Chinese App is completely offline and also provides Offline English to Chinese Dictionary feature that will support you for memorizing the words in daily language usage.Finally, you will realize the unique distinction between this Chinese Language App and other Chinese Learning Apps, for example: Learn Chinese Mandarin, Learn Basic Chinese, Spoken Chinese Language, Chinese Language Learning, Basic Chinese Mandarin because of merging three major Sections of Chinese Language in this App i.e. Chinese Grammar, Chinese Daily Life Conversation & 10,000 Vocabulary (Chinese Words).
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