Changing what you know about traditional live-streaming lessons, experience online teaching at its best. The education platform you've been looking for is here! The interactive learning platform, developed exclusively here at QSkyABC, is the multifunctional learning tool in listening, speaking, reading and writing. The platform helps create an open, freestyle, and personalized learning environment that provides quality learning resources and online courses for students all over the world! QSkyABC also provides teachers who have a passion for teaching an unimpeded online teaching environment, allowing teachers to complete their online lessons without ever stepping outside of their house. Note: there's no limit to the subjects they teach.Mobile teaching available at anytime and anywhereTeach and learn at anytime and anywhere, with the freedom to choose. Teachers have the freedom to teach at any time using the mobile App, while students have the freedom to choose the classes they want to learn at anytime!Phenomenal interactive teaching tooRefuse a rigid and uniform learning environment, using multiple online teaching tools (flashcards, pop ups, dialogues, repeat-after-me, etc.), the interactive learning is fun and engaging, easy for teachers to teach and pleasant for students to learn.Learn China's Chinese curriculum simultaneously Learn China's Chinese (Elementary) curriculum simultaneously, such as Yes! Chinese and Ji Nan Chinese, seamlessly integrating into China's teaching resources, thus, helping you pass Chinese proficiency tests (e.g. YCK, HSK) and improving your Chinese tremendously!Automatic correction on in-class quizzes Work on online exercises during the lesson, the system autocorrects your answers, allowing you to know your test results instantly, thus, reinforcing what you've learned in the lesson.Global Distinguished Teachers in one place Preferred hiring of teachers who are rich in teaching experience and effective in language teaching. QSkyABC offers not just only exciting Chinese and English lessons, but also opportunities to teach. If you're willing, you can be a teacher on QSkyABC!
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