Learn About Drones

This app has been developed with the prime purpose of providing the basic content in the field of Drones and UAVs from the very beginning so as to make the students or the learner familiar with this field of Remote Control Aviation. Drones or UAVs as we see today have been evolved so much with time starting from just an air balloon. The added complexity in the design and programming of the UAVs provided a great amount of simplicity in terms of the user's reliability and flight stability.Firstly, We provide a proper ambiance to the learner to extract as much knowledge from the content we provide, The content covers basic concepts in UAVs/Drones, Hardware and Software part of a Drone, Applications, Scope of UAV's in future and evolution of Drones and UAV's in some major countries like USA, Russia, Japan and India.Other than the above-mentioned Quality content, this app "Learn About Drones" provides the user with direct links to the most famous and top-rated websites which are based on the field of Drones and UAVs. These links would be highly beneficial to our users as they include tutorials of every branch of UAV, Questions, and answers, Forums for doubt solving and detailed information about various products.Thirdly, we also provide the direct links to the most famous Youtube tutorials. The provided video tutorials links are double checked to ensure the quality and efficiency of the video. Lastly, We provide the UAV/ Drone enthusiasts and hobbyist with the direct link to the most famous RC stores which are well known for their genuineness and quality. The provided RC Stores provides a nice range of products internationally.Keywords: UAV, Drones, Quad-copter, Flight, Learn, Understand, Presentation, Slides, History of Drones, Software of Drones, Hardware of Drones, Working of Drones, Most Advanced Drones Available, Scope of UAVs, Future of Drones, RC, Remote control.
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