F1nd - Offline popup dictionary

Meet F1nd , an onscreen offline dictionary with sentence parser for analyzing the meaning of words that cant be selected alone. Once in the home screen , press START F1nd. F1nd keeps running in background, when you are stuck reading an article / texting an unknown word, just COPY it. The finder icon on notification indicates F1nd is active.Once you copy a word, depending on the length of the meaing F1nd pop's up a window with meaning or toasts it , touch outside anywhere of popup to close.F1nd comes loaded with the frequently used internet slang words like ttyl , myob , ootd , etc. The black box containing the meaning is called a toast. You can also search words like a normal dictionary on the popup itself, just click on search from the notification or on finder icon when a meaning is pop-ed up. Had trouble not able to copy a word from sentence on apps like twitter / whatsapp , just copy the sentence F1nd will parse the words. Click any word to get the meaning.The notification shows a random word and its meaning & changes at frequent intervelas. You can also pause F1nd service meaning you would be able to copy without F1nd interrupting.
Operating System Android