Common Spanish

Spanish verbs are ordered by frequency natives use them. If you want to communicate in Spanish as fast as possible you better learn most frequently used verbs first. You can hear the word pronounced and see it used in contexts. For each verb we include up to 3 sentences by natives with translations. This will help you reinforce the natural usage in daily speech. By default the verbs are ordered by popularity with the most popular verbs coming first. You can easily reorder the verbs by type (-ar, -er, -ir verbs). No internet access is required except when reporting a bug or upgrading to the Pro version.With the Common Spanish app, you can:- "Search" View - Order the verbs by popularity (default) or by type - Search by Spanish verb, all its conjugations and English translation- "Verb Details" View - Listen to verb pronunciations by natives - See example sentences using the verb by natives - Study all the conjugations of the verb for all pronouns - See highlighted irregular parts - "Study List" View - Add / remove verbs you currently study- "Settings" View - Hide conjugation tables you don't need - Report a bug - Upgrade to Pro versionPro Version. The app's basic version contains 50 verbs. If you want to get the full verb list (more than 1000 verbs) you can buy a one-time upgrade to Pro version. 1000 most common verbs are more than enough to get fully conversational in Spanish.
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