Diving Physics Calculator Free

Here you will find a guide of how to solve Archimedes law which controls most of our diving buoyancy activity.Guide to solve other formulas such as;Gauge Pressure - Absolute Pressure.The changing of volume because of pressure.The changing of diver breathe rate because of the density change under pressure.Partial pressure of oxygen, nitrogen and other gases.Having this app in your pocket will be good for you, especially if you are a diver who want to be a professional, also if you will have an exam as dive master or dive leader, this app will help you.It's made in simple way even while you are using the app you will understand more how the laws working because the calculator itself is made as a guide not just input and output, you have the ability to choose metric system or imperial system, fresh water or salt water.to reset and to solve any number of formulas.Enjoy learning and diving.
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