Night Sky Guide

Night Sky Guide is a field guide to find the planets, galaxies, nebula, star clusters and other deep space objects.It is designed to help you be successful in astronomy events such as a Messier Marathon, completing an observing program, or just out enjoying an evening with your telescope.By knowing, real time, which DSO's are above and where they are in the sky, you can spend less time looking at lists and more time viewing. The many display options help ensure you don't miss out on seeing that favorite galaxy or nebula!Features:* - Includes the planets and the Messier and Caldwell lists of Deep Space Objects* - Works as a real-time observing list, letting you know what's in the sky above* - Provides up-to-the-minute altitude and azimuth and rise/set times* - Constellation maps and page numbers for common sky atlases* - Easy-to-use viewing list plus detailed info for each DSO* - Sort and display options to prioritize your viewing order* - Observation log to keep track of your progress* - Ability to export your observation logs* - Use GPS or define your own viewing locationsThe Messier objects are a collection of 110 galaxies, nebulae and star clusters that are popular targets for amateur astronomers of all experience levels and binoculars or small telescopes. The Caldwell list includes 109 deep space objects and is a great next step after the Messier list.The Astronomical League sponsors observing programs for both Messier and Caldwell objects. This app was designed to help you successfully complete either of these programs.Night Sky Guide can be used standalone or in conjunction with a sky atlas to star hop your way around the constellations. Spend less time trying to decide what to observe and more time observing!Plus, Night Sky Guide is completely free, ad-free and open source!
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