Russian Vocabulary Flashcards

Russian Vocabulary Flashcards is a simple and effective app to help you learn Russian vocabulary. It' s clean, quick and easy to play. Each flashcard is provided with an example of a word used in a sentence or an expression. Russian Vocabulary Flashcards app has the built-in audio, so you can hear how the word or sentence is pronounced.Words are divided into decks:First WordsFamilyCommon VerbsCommon AdjectivesColorsNumbers (1-30)PrepositionsAnimalsCityWorkCalendarWeatherTravelApartmentClothingNumbers (30 - 1000)ShoppingHealthTransportFurniture and AppliancesVerbs of motionAdverbsPersonalitySportMORE DECKS ARE COMING IN LATER VERSIONS.Flashcards are a very simple and effective way to memorize new words. The more you practice, the better you remember each word. For the best results practice every day at least for 5 minutes.
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