The Digital Electronics application is a powerful tool for learning and designing digital systems in TTL, CMOS, microprocessor and microcontroller technology.Through the application Digital Electronics, students of electronics, electricity, telecommunications and engineering, have at their disposal practical theoretical material that allows you to know the methods in the design of digital electronic circuits.The Digital Electronics application is a bilingual application in English and Spanish.The content in Spanish is as follows:Conceptos Digitales.Sistemas de Numeracion, Operacion y Codigos.Puertas Logicas.Algebra de Boole y Simplificacion Logica.Analisis de la Logica CombinacionalFunciones de la Logica Combinacional.Latches, Flip-Flops y Temporizadores.Contadores.Registros de Desplazamientos.Memoria y Almacenamiento.Software y Logica Programable.Introduccion a los Computadores.Introduccion al Procesamiento Digital de la Senal.Tecnologia de los Circuitos Integrados.The content in English is as follows:Number System.Binary Codes.Digital Arithmetic.Logic Gates and Relative Devices.Logic Families.Boolean Algebra and Simplification Techniques.Arithmetic Circuits.Multiplexers and Demultiplexers.Programmable Logic Devices.Flip-Flops and Relative Devices.Counters and Registers.Data Conversion Circuits D/A and A/D Converters.Microprocessors.Micro Controllers.Computer Fundamentals.Troubleshooting Digital Circuits and Test Equipments.
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