Dance Practice KPOP

This app contains a lot of dance practice kpop videos, in this app you will be guided step by step in doing this dance exercise, so you will soon be able to.Here is an example of dance practice kpop tutorial in this app:AOA - Excuse Me Dance Practice (Mirrored)GD X TAEYANG - GOOD BOY DANCE PRACTICE VIDEOEXO - Monster - Dance PracticeKARD - Hola Hola - Mirrored Dance PracticeTWICE- TT - Dance Practice VideoPick Me Dance PracticePRISTIN - WE LIKE Dance PracticeHyunA - BABE - Dance PracticeGFRIEND - FINGERTIP - Dance PracticeBTS - Go - GOGO - Dance PracticeApink - Mr. ChuPRISTIN - Black Widow Dance PracticeRed Velvet - Rookie - Dance PracticePRISTIN - WEE WOO Dance PracticeEXO - The Eve - Dance PracticeINFINITE - Bad Dance PracticeDIA Dance PracticeThis application will continue to be updated, so will a lot of other kids dance tutorial videos in this app.
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