Toefl exam practice test is very useful app for candidates who want to crack toefl exam.Toefl listening practice test app provides toefl exam practice test with fully detailed solution.TOEFL Listening Section - SummaryThe listening section of the TOEFL internet-based test (iBT) includes 4-6 academic lecture excerpts (each 3-5 minutes in length) and 2-3 conversations on a variety of general topics relevant to university life (approximately 3 minutes each). Students answer six questions per lecture and five questions per conversation, and total section timing ranges from 60 to 90 minutes. Listening section exercises are delivered by audio recording, and pictures on the computer screen indicate both the context of the exercise and the number of speakers. Listening section scaled scores are from 0 to 30.Types of Listening Section ExercisesTOEFL iBT listening section exercises are intended to duplicate either classroom lectures or common administrative tasks. Lecture topics are taken from a variety of academic subjects in the arts and sciences, such as architecture, music, biochemistry, computer science, and anthropology. Lectures can feature either a single speaker (the instructor) or a classroom discussion (interaction between the instructor and several students). Conversations are either based on office hours or service encounters with university staff. Each listening section exercise will be played only once on the exam, but students are permitted to take notes on all iBT listening section exercises.Categories of Listening Section QuestionsEducational Testing Service (ETS) has classified eight total types of questions into three categories: basic comprehension questions, pragmatic understanding questions, and connecting information questions. Each type is discussed in greater detail below. Nearly all of the questions on the iBT listening section are multiple choice with four answer options and one correct answer, but there are also multiple choice questions with two or more correct answers, questions that require matching objects to categories in charts and tables, and questions that ask students to order events or processes. All three question categories and most of the question types within those categories will appear in both lectures and conversations.The TOEFL Practice Test App is designed so that you can study TOEFL concepts at your own pace and level. It has helped over a thousand TOEFL students improve their scores on the official TOEFL exam.
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