Betaphysics -- smart assistant for school physics

Artificial intelligence based app for school physics that help you to solve problems. Enter text problem or question and it will instantly prompt physics equations, laws or formulas that are necessary for solve or answer the question. Do not want type manually?! - just take a photo and app will help you!A clever handbook will show laws, physical constants and values.Betaphysics will help you to do homework, prepare for exams in physics. Application will make studying physics easy and clear.Mark formulas that you need to use in the future or required to solve a task or answer and you can use offline. It will also make artificial intelligence even smarter!Language: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Belarusian.Supported topics for the main school course:1. Mechanics: one dimensial and circular motion; projectile motion; forces and Newton's laws; work and energy; laws of conservation of momentum and energy; collisions; gravity; fluid mechanics and pressure.2. Heat and thermodynamics: change of temperature; heat capacity; heat balance equations; laws of thermodynamics; properties of ideal gases; heat engines.3. Electricity and magnetism: phenomena: Ohm's law; electic/magnetic forces and fields; electric currents, circuits, capacitors; electromagnetic induction.4. Oscilations, waves and light: oscilations; mechanical waves; sound; reflection; mirrors; lenses; diffraction; interference.Topics at development: relative motion; angular acceleration; capillary effect; operations with vectors; sound instruments; atomic physics etc.Features at development: physics equetions and problems solver and calculator.
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License Free
Version 1.1.9
Operating System Android
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