Alphablocks - Letter Fun

Alphablocks is the hit TV show that is helping millions of children learn to read the fun way. Meet all the Alphablocks from A to Z and learn your letters and sounds with four unforgettable phonics mini-games and a singalong song. (British English).MEET THE ALPHABLOCKSEvery Alphablock is designed to make their letter and sound easy to learn. Alphablock A says a! when an apple lands on her head - and so on. Now you can get to know the Alphablocks, interact with the alphabet and get hands-on with letters and sounds.MINIGAMESLearn your letters and sounds with four great minigames per Alphablock -- over 100 learning activities in total:Bubble pop! -- match letters to sounds by popping the bubbles that match the letter sounds you hear.Paint me -- listen to letter sounds as you paint each Alphablock with your finger and find out why they make that sound.Favourite things -- listen out for words that begin with each letter sound and pop them into each Alphablock's collection of favourite things.Hide and seek -- listen carefully to tell letter sounds apart and spot the cloud each Alphablock is hiding behind.ALPHABLOCKS LETTER SONGSing along with the Alphablocks as they all get together to sing their letter sounds in a mnemonic song that helps your child remember which letter makes each sound.LETTER SOUNDS AND NAMESWhen your child has mastered their letters and sounds, change to Letter Name mode and have fun learning all the letter names too.EARN STARSEvery minigame earns a star. Collect all four stars to watch the Alphablock sing their line from the Alphablocks letter song. Can you light up all the stars for all your Alphablocks? (The app tracks your progress between visits. You can reset it if you want to start again or to let a friend or sibling play.)FULL OF GOOD PHONICSAlphablocks is made by teachers and reading experts. It's all built around systematic synthetic phonics, as taught in UK schools. Alphablocks is a step-by-step reading system with episodes, books and more that has helped over a million children learn to read the fun way.
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