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Darulifta Darul-Uloom Deoband(Ask Fatwa)First Android App That Provide Facility to Ask Fatwa Online,No Matter Where You Are,In this Application, We Provide The Following-A Variety of Fatwas That Cover Most Aspects of Life,Easy to Access the Required Fatwa Directly From Our App-Or Official Website http://darulifta-deoband.com(Fatawa Categories)(Faiths & Beliefs)-Islamic Beliefs-World Religions-False Sects-Deviant Sects-Innovations & Customs-Taqleed & Fighi Schools-The Holy Quran-Hadith & Sunnah-Dawah & Tableeg(Prayers & Duties)-Taharah (Purity)-Salah (Prayer)-Jumuah & Eid Prayers-Death & Funeral-Sawm (Fasting)-Zakat & Charity-Hajj & Umrah-Oaths & Vows-Waqf, Mosque, Madrasa-Qurbani (Slaughtering)(Transactions & Dealings)-Business (153)-Shares & Investments-Interest & Insurance-Other Transactions-Inheritance & Will-Penal Code(Social Matters)-Nikah (Marriage)-Talaq (Divorce)-Food & Drinks-Clothing & Lifestyle-Rights & Etiquettes-Education & Upbringing-Women's Issues(Miscellaneous)-Halal & Haram-Dua (Supplications)-Islamic Names-Tasawwuf-History & Biography-International Relations-Others
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