This app enables you to learn basic MATLAB which is mandatory before learning any toolbox of MATLAB. This app contains complete notes on following topics:MATLAB ArraysChapter on Arrays covers how to enter one-dimensional and two-dimensional array, mathematical operations with array and built in functions for handling arrays.MATLAB FunctionsChapter on functions covers in-built functions of MATLAB and how to solve linear equations in MATLAB. It also covers how to create and use a function file.MATLAB Script fileChapter on script file covers how to create a script file and commands used in script file.MATLAB LoopsChapter on loops clearly elucidates for-end and while-end loops. A student completely naive to programming can easily understand concept of loops which is helpful in learning any programming language. A complete explanation on nested loop has been given along with programs which will help in developing algorithm making skill.MATLAB Two dimensional and Three-dimensional plotsProfessionals use MATLAB across the world. We can draw two dimensional and three-dimensional plots with just two or three lines of code. Scientists, Engineers and Economist widely use MATLAB software for drawing two dimensional and three-dimensional graph. Our chapter on two dimensional and three-dimensional plots teaches how to draw graph using inbuilt functions and how to format a plot using commands. This chapter covers different commands used for three-dimensional plotting and how to observe extreme points using inbuilt functions.MATLAB application in calculusWe can solve complicated questions of integral and differential calculus very easily using inbuilt functions. This chapter teaches how to use inbuilt functions to solve complicated questions.MATLAB Solution of differential equation using MATLABWe can solve complicated differential equations up to nth order in Simulink very easily. Using function file, we can solve first order differential equations very easily. This chapter covers how to solve linear first order differential equation using function file.In Conclusion, this app has a very simple user interface and the content can be easily understood by the user. Programs are also given along with theory to develop algorithm making skill. We have covered lucid and complete notes on basic MATLAB. Complete notes on Simulink, Image processing, Simpower system toolbox and fuzzy logic toolbox will be added very soon. Wherever and whenever you require any information about MATLAB you are just a click away............About usOur mission is to be innovative and meticulous to create products that give students everywhere access to enjoyable, free and effective study material. We prepare students for MS right from free GRE coaching on our website www.onlinegrecoaching to improving SOPs. It is mandatory to learn MATLAB before going for MS. Projects on MATLAB also helps in improving SOPs. Learn basic MATLAB from this app and wishing you a successful MS program.All the best............
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