Learn French

Easily learn French phrases and words for ever! Speak French with confidence!Learn English Smarter: Not Longer!Using our Learn French App called Learnify, you can learn French phrases and words from native French speaking people. The Learnify works together with you to practice your Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Reading skills, wherever and whenever you are. Learning English can never be easier!We have combined several scientifically proven tactics to help you keep learning what is "Valuable for You" in your "Long-term Memory" where languages are placed! Based on our tests, people who have used our "Learn French: Learnify" app can recall more than 80% of learning materials after a month, compared with those who learn English with traditional methods that can recall only 20% after 48hrs! Download Now and Learn French Smarter and up to 4 times faster! Not Longer!FEATURES- Commonly-used French phrases & words- Search by French or other languages- Native French pronunciation- Totally Customizable: font size, flash cards, themes, etc.- Learn French up to 4 times faster!- Learn French and Recall Forever!If you are traveling to French speaking countries (e.g., France, Belgium, Luxembourgor Switzerland) make sure you bring Learn French app with you!About Learn French : Learnify- Web site: https://goo.gl/ikGdYt- Email: info@topsliked.com
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