English Idioms and Phrases - Vocabulary Builder

Idioms are group of words or Expressions in fixed order that have a particular meaning and this meaning is different from separate word's meaning that has its own meaning. Every Language has its own idioms and words of wise sayings. And These Wise sayings are also called Idioms. Usually we ignore these idioms and phrases. Phrases are a collection of two or more words that give a single idea typically form a component of clause. Idioms and Phrases app contains more than 9000 English idioms and Phrases that provides meaning of English Idioms and Phrases.Idioms and Phrases App includes the following:¦-English Idioms Dictionary: provides meaning of English Idioms¦-English Proverb Dictionary¦-Proverb with Meaning¦-Phrasal verbs Dictionary¦-American Slang Dictionary Words¦-English Idioms QuizFeatures:>-List of Popular English Idioms with useful example>-The Largest Dictionary of idioms with more than 9000 English Idioms>-Bookmark Words and create favorite words list>-English Proverb meaning with their usage>-Most common Phrasal verbs>-American Slang Dictionary>-Idiom Quizzes: to improve your knowledge and SkillsNo Internet requires, totally offline.
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