iDryfire Laser Target System

About Company:iDryfire laser target system is brought to you by the developer of iMarksman Virtual Target System for Marksmanship and Use of Force training.Clients:Federal Air MarshalsPTU FBI AcademyUnited States ArmyArmy of SpainLaw Enforcement Agencies and security companies around the world.The Patent Pending Laser Target System is the new, safe and convenient way to practice with your own firearms before entering the shooting range.How does it work?iDryfire Laser Target System - SAFETY AND RESPONSIBILITY FIRST!Choose any paper target or object.For best performance use a background with no glare.Point your Smart Device at the target from short distance (2-4 yards) or with additional accessories from 5-7 yard (Zoom Optical Lens, Dry fire laser devices).If the message on the screen warns you that the background is too bright please choose another background.- Press the START button- Wait until you hear the BUZZ signal to start- Shoot at your target- Review your shot placement and reaction time- Save your result and start overTip: Make sure there is no reflection on or around the target (chrome metal parts, plastic tape and etc.)As a Dry fire device, you can use any Dry fire barrel insert or cartridge and Laser Simulator Training Handguns or Rifles (Laserlyte, SIRT, Laser Ammo, SureStrike and etc.).Recommended exercises:- Drawing from the holster -> present the firearm -> dry fire -> re-holster- Drawing from the holster -> present the firearm -> reload -> dry fire -> re-holster.More information:- Recommended background: Matte surface on lighted painted wall- Avoid direct light on the target or cameraFor any issues please contact us at info@iDryfire.comFor available accessories (dry fire laser cartridges or training handgun) please visit
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