Mathematician Magic

Mathematics is not just a subject but a part of our lives. Whether you are a child or a grown-up, a student or a professional, a musician or a magician, maths plays an important role in your daily routine. You can even find mathematical patterns in spiderwebs or honeycombs.Learning maths can be made enjoyable if it is taught through activities, puzzles and games right from an early age. Many a time, we find that some students solve complex maths problems in minutes while some take a long time to solve even the basic ones. Contrary to popular belief, it's not their level of knowledge that leads to this difference but the way they apply their knowledge.This app is written with the aim of enhancing the power of reasoning, critical thinking and the problem-solving ability of the reader. It is intended for students, teachers and parents alike, as the learning of mathematics is not restricted to any age. For students who find themselves afraid of the subject, we have attempted to make it fun to learn and give them the confidence to approach each problem with a fresh perspective. We have also written this app for teachers, who can use many of the activities mentioned to make their classes livelier and show their students that maths need not be a dreaded subject. Parents can also pick up this app to make it easier to explain complex concepts to their children and help them develop a strong base in the subject. It contains mind-bending questions with unusual solutions, logic-related maths problems, interesting maths facts and proofs, and calculation tips that highlight the almost magical simplicity of the subject.These are effective methods that help in day-to-day application of mathematics, while reducing one's dependency on gadgets as well as providing good practice for the types of questions that are asked in examinations and interviews.The other section of this app contains some amazing magic tricks and enthralling activities--just flip the app to find them!You might find some parts of the app challenging even after reading and rereading the solutions. If so, keep going. Even without necessarily understanding every detail, you will be surprised how much of the overall picture you are able to absorb by simply moving ahead.So forge ahead, work your brain and unravel the secrets and mysteries of mathematics.CONTENTSIntroductionPART A: PROBLEMS WITH SURPRISING SOLUTIONS1. Which Pizza Do You Prefer?2. Exponential Mystery3. Smart Business4. The Invisible Thief5. Three in a Race6. Clever Salesman7. Solving Questions without Algebra8. Comparing Movies9. Matchstick Puzzles10. Observation-Enhancing PuzzlesPART B: CALCULATIONS WITHOUT CALCULATORS11. How Long Does It Take to Double Your Money?12. Determining the Unit Digit at a Glance13. Shortcut to Find the Sum14. Magic by15. Wonder of 9s16. Learning the Times Tables17. Amazing Squares18. Simplifying Multiplication19. Magical Division20. Quick Cube Roots21. Quick Calculations of Compound Interest22. The Prime Check23. Comparing SurdsPART C: INTERESTING MATHS FACTS24. Races on Tracks25. Maths behind Credit/Debit Cards Numbering26. Why Is 1 One, Why Is 2 Two?27. Is Zero Even or Odd?28. Why Is Division by 0 Not Defined?PART D: MATHEMAGICIAN TECHNIQUES FOR COMPETITIVE EXAMS AND INTERVIEWS29. An Interview Question30. Handshakes31. Investigating Squares32. Investigating Triangles33. Crack the Code34. Out-of-the-Box Thinking35. Presentation of Data36. Are You Maths Smart?37. Calendar at Your Fingertips38. Cool Maths
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