how to draw pokemon

The Pokemon franchise has been popular among children, teenagers, and even adults for over two decades, beginning with the release of the first Pokemon video game in 1996, and the television series in 1997. Today, with new technologies such as the pokemon game! app for tablets and smartphones, the characters have retained their immense popularity.Pikachu is perhaps everyone's favorite character.There are also charmander, bulbasaur, eevee and charizardWould you like to draw your very own Pikachu? Now you can, using this easy, step-by-step drawing tutorial.All you will need is paper and a writing implement, such as a pencil, pen, or marker. You may also want to gather crayons, colored pencils, or markers to color your finished drawing.Each step in the drawing guide is accompanied by an illustration. The new marks in each step are highlighted in blue. Draw your lines lightly at first, as you will need to erase some of your original lines as you complete your sketch.Are you ready to begin your very own Pokemon adventure? I choose you!
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