Learn To Draw Princess Celestia

Celestia is a unicorn that has a pair of wings. She is all white in color and she also bears a cutie mark in the form of a sun. Her long mane and tail is made up of a rainbow instead of actual horse hair. Princess Celestia also helps her sister Princess Luna rule over Equestria. If you remember correctly, Luna is Twilight Sparkle's mentor which means Twilight Sparkle is Luna's student. Even though Luna is a mentor to TS, Celestia also adds some important input in the form of advice and aid. One of the things that I love about this character is the complete style of her design. I love the slender build of Celstia, and I also love how she has a rainbow of colors for her long flowing tail and mane. I truly had so much fun as I recreated one of My Little Pony's important figures, and if I had fun, I know you too will enjoy drawing Princess Celestia as well. I have to go now guys but I will return later with some other cool stuff for you to do. Thanks for joining me today, and I hope your day was filled with color and vision.Features Application---------------------------Offline Mode and Small Size AppFast LoadingImage Best QualityThe best option Princess CelestiaEasy to useFree AppNow, you can draw you Princess Celestia easyhope you enjoyCategory Design---------------------------Princess CelestiaMy Little PonyAnimal
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