Sight Words 100

Taught in Australian Schools and around the world, the top 100 'Sight Words' cover 50% of the words typically encountered whilst reading in English.The concept is for children to memorize these common words by sight, drastically reducing the effort required in reading.This app provides a simple and intuitive 'virtual deck' of sight word flashcards, enabling a parent to guide their child through the list of words whenever the chance arises.The developer, a parent themselves, developed the app to use with his child on the bus to school. Since it was made by a parent, certain concepts were key:* Simple display* Swipe navigation* No sounds, no Ads, no distractions* No scoring (keep it positive)* No special permissions required* No data used after app installed* No in-app purchases* Fast loading, optimized codeWith zero-configuration, the app loads straight in to showing the first random word from the lowest colour grouping, gold.Typically the child is given roughly 3 seconds to try to read each word aloud, if they cannot, the parent will say it to them, then swipe to the next word.The user can swipe forward and backwards through the entire deck of 100 cards, which are presented in their colour group order: gold, red, blue, green, orange, indigo, violet.The words are shuffled every time the app is loaded, but still presented in colour-group order so that new words are not introduced too soon.As the App is designed as a virtual 'card deck' it is up to the user to decide where to stop, then either go back through the list or close the App.The drop-down menu can be used to quickly navigate to the beginning of a specific colour group.
Operating System Android