Alabama Driving Test

Under the laws of Alabama, every person (with some exceptions) must belicensed to operate a motor vehicle upon public streets and roadways. TheAlabama Law Enforcement Agency, Driver License Services, issues driverlicenses.Every Alabama resident who operates any motor vehicle (except a farm tractoror implement of husbandry temporarily upon any street or highway) must havea driver license.The Alabama Driving Test app is designed to help you pass the written test or learner license part of the driver's license process. Many question sets are strikingly similar to the actual test which will get you ready and pass with ease.Quick APP Features:-Test mode: to simulate the testing environment-Starred mode: to bookmark or save questions that you are interested in-Cramming mode: to quickly review questions and answers before the actual test-Audio feature to read out the questions and answersKeywords: Alabama, driving, test, license, driver, written, learner, permit
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