Self-Organizing Learning Environment (SOLE) is an innovative approach which draws on children's natural curiosity to create a dynamic space for students to learn, interact and develop critical problem-solving skills. SOLE focuses on the process of learning itself, providing a pathway to engage 21st-century learners. STARTSOLE is an Ohio based non-profit organization, founded in 2015. Our vision is to serve as a catalyst of change for building a 21st-century learning system. We have developed practical tools and resources to help educators bring the power of SOLE, into their classrooms. Few Highlights about STARTSOLE:- SIMPLE: Easy to use web and mobile app- CREDIBLE: Backed by advanced research- TRANSFORMATIONAL: Proven method to bring future of learning to your classroomSTARTSOLE helps transform education through SOLE (Self-Organized Learning Environments). A Self-Organised Learning Environment, or SOLE, combines technology with student-led inquiry. It can exist anywhere in the world where there is a computer, Internet connection, and students who are keen to learn. SOLE focuses on the process of learning itself instead of simply focusing on the results. It helps prepare students for success in today's era of technology and information. SOLE provides an early intervention in education that can level the academic playing field and increase equity among all students.Want to do your own SOLE? All you need is a computer, Internet connection, and students who are ready to learn. The StartSOLE app provides the SOLE structure and extensive tutorials on how to do a SOLE session and address common classroom challenges. We've built a database of standards-aligned questions for your SOLE. Explore questions by grade, subject, and standard start submitting questions and sharing your work with others.
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