Easy Quran Memorizer

Easy Quran Memorizer is a subscription based Application which eases the memorization and revision of Al-Quran.We understand that just memorization is not enough, Therefore Easy Quran Memorizer comes up with many additional features to assist revision process. MAIN FEATURES-Ayah wise memorization-Selecting a range of ayahs for memorization.-Repeat single ayah-Add Delay between Ayah's-Repeat within Range of Surah's-Special Page/features targeted for revision needs.APPEAL Please leave us reviews of the application. Five stars would be very helpful.If you have any comments, ideas or feedback, please leave a review or send an email @ lityqua.works@gmail.comThe audio used are from http://www.everyayah.com, while Quran text and Quran translation files are from http://tanzil.net.
License Free
Version 4.7.0
Operating System Android