Lingo Sailor

Learn new languages on the go with the Lingo Sailor App, for free!The day people stop learning is the day they stop developing, but with Lingo Sailor, you never have tostop. Lingo Sailor is the perfect partner in your quest to learn new languages. The aim of this app is tohelp you learn new languages through interactive activities.Right now, the app offers two languages - English and Hindi with numerous more regional andinternational languages in the offing, to be released soon.Sign up today! It's free!Practice the languages you are learning and learn new words on the go with the Lingo Sailor App. Thisapp offers you different types of learning methods. The questions within the app have been designed totest a user's acumen in different languages.The types of questions that the user will be asked are:Multiple Choice Translation QuestionsThis contains the most basic type of questions where you will be given words in your chosenlanguage, and will be required to select the correct translation for that word. These questions aremeant to test your basics of the selected language.Picture AnswersTaking the basics a step further, you will be required to read a word and then select the correctpicture that the word refers to.Fill in the blanksThese questions test the relevance of all you have learned. You will be given a simple sentence witha blank, where you will have to select the most appropriate answer.Audio QuestionsDesigned to test your auditory responses, these questions will play a clip for you to type out in thelanguage you are learning. Being able to understand the spoken word is very important in learning anew language.Match the AnswerYou will be provided with a bunch of words and you will have to select them in pairs, depending onwhich words you think go together.Word TranslationsThe first step of translation activities, these type of questions take you away from the basics ofrecognizing translations in written, to writing down the translations yourself. This type of questiontests your writing capabilities.Sentence TranslationsThe next step after words, sentence translations require you to translate complete sentences andwrite them yourselves. Apart from your writing capabilities, these questions also test yourunderstanding of the language, testing how proper your conversions are.Learning with Lingo SailorThe Lingo Sailor app is designed to take you through new languages, letting you learn new words andsentences, with slow and gradual increase in difficulty. Beginning from the vocabulary level, the app willtake you through basic concepts, common greetings, foods, etc. to grammar concepts like verbs, tense,pronouns, prepositions, etc.The levels have been designed with due diligence, making sure that they cover all the basic concepts ofthe new language. Once you finish one level, only then can you move on to the next.Making Learning FunThe Lingo Sailor App makes it possible for you to connect your profile with your social network. The appalso lets you follow other users. This way, you can play with your friends, keep score, and compete withyour followers. This just makes the experience much more fun.Keep learning! Download the Lingo Sailor app today!
License Free
Version 1.0.0
Operating System Android