Toddler & Kids ABC to 123 with Talking

Small children , probably ages 1-4 , can learn the alphabet and to count up to 20. The alphabet part of the app displays three images per screen. For instance, the first image on the first page is for the letter a , and could be an image of an apple . Your toddler clicks the apple and hears "a for apple" , with the letters aA appearing on top of the apple. There are seven images per letter. The locked version has the letters a-c available ,while the unlocked version has the whole alphabet. This is the only difference between the locked/unlocked version. The counting part of the app consists of a pink goal with three balls. Your toddler can swipe the balls on top of the goal and it will count from 1-20 ,and back to 1 once it reaches 20. There is an extra feature that is simply some "opposites" images , such as on/off, hot/cold , with images and spoken words for what's displayed. For instance, your toddler clicks the on light-bulb and hears "on", then the off light-bulb appears , the toddler clicks that and hears "off" , etc . There are 24 images/sounds in this feature. The background color is also changing for the goal screen in random order in the colors: pink , orange, yellow, green, and blue
Operating System Android