MiDas - The Learning App

MiDas - The Learning App is developed to meet all types of educational needs of Nursery to Grade 10 students and their parents. It includes Curriculum based Study Materials, Communication Tools and Talent Show Platform. Video Lessons are Approved by CDC, Govt. of Nepal. Use MiDas - The Learning App to. Learn lessons of course books through Tutorial Videos- Get help to do Homework through online teachers- Clear doubts by asking questions to best teachers- Test acquired knowledge of course book by playing games and quizzes- Get help to Prepare for Exams and avoid unnecessary stress- Learn through Reference Videos available on Internet - Publish your creative works like stories, poems, essays and drawings- Post reviews of books you have read, movies you have watched and places you have visited- Keep updated with daily homework, exam routine, exam result, extracurricular activities and so on- Communicate with class teachers anytime anywhere. 1. Learn wherever and whenever you want. Tutorial videos in MiDas App guide you through each chapter of your course book with audio and visual aid. If you want to clearly grasp the essence of any lesson of your book, just go to the excitingly and innovatively animated Tutorial Videos in MiDas App. This helps you not only to visualize the practical aspects of the lessons but also effectively implement them in your daily life. The Tutorial Videos never lets you forget what you have learnt. 2. Ask your best teacher everything you want to know. If you find it hard to understand any lesson of your course book or need help to do your homework, you can go to Homework Help in MiDas App and ask your question. Your best teachers are waiting online for you to clear your doubts. You can either type your queries or take a picture of your question and post it in the Homework Help. 3. Play and learn. You can test your knowledge of your course book through the interactive Quizzes and Exercises in MiDas App. This will help you become more sharp and dynamic by greatly enhancing your acquired knowledge. 4. Prepare for exam easily. You can prepare for exams through Exam Preparation in MiDas App by selecting the chapters of your course books. This will not only enable you to perform excellently in the exams but also help you to avoid unnecessary stress. 5. Get extra knowledge. Reference Links in MiDas App is designed to help you gain extra knowledge on the lessons of your course. Lesson related Links of Videos available on Internet are collected in MiDas App. They make you deeply familiar with real-life implementation of your lessons. 6. Be creative, Win compliments. You can publish your creative works like stories, poems, essays, drawings and projects through Creations in MiDas App. Show your hidden talent, get ratings and reviews from critics and public; and win awards. 7. Post reviews and enhance your Critical Thinking. Reviews in MiDas App allows you to post your reviews of books you have read, movies you have watched and places you have visited. Share your knowledge and enhance your critical thinking. 8. Always be updated with school activities. School Activities in MiDas App will keep you updated with your daily homework, exam routine, exam result, extracurricular activities and so on. 9. Get connected with teachers. With Messenger in MiDas App, you can communicate with teachers of your class any time you want.
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