MusicEasy PRO - Learn to Read Music

MusicEasy PRO will help you learn how to read music in an interactive and innovative way. You can practice sight reading notes on any clef (Treble, Bass, Tenor and Alto), tap rhythms, learn and review musical terms and share your awesome progress with friends. NOTES READING MODULE- Choose exercise difficulty between Easy, Medium and Hard. Practice with Treble, Bass, Alto and Tenor clefs. Practice with accidentals, Sharp and Flat. Choose exercise duration at 30s, 60s, 120s to Unlimited. RHYTHM MODULE- Total of 24 exercises, 8 per each level, and more to come. Choose exercise difficulty between Easy, Medium and Hard. Practice with One or Two hands. Choose exercise speed. FLASHCARDS MODULE- 110 total cards. Option to shuffle cards. Option to select cards containing Clefs, Notes, Rhythm, Rests, Keys and Tempo. Share your Progress with friends. MusicEasy PRO has a detailed feedback page which includes average, highest and lowest accuracy, number of games played and total score, available for the Notes Reading and the Rhythm modules. MusicEasy PRO is localized and available in English, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese. CONTACT US: If you have any issues with MusicEasy PRO or anything that you want to discuss, feel free to contact us at contact@leftlaneapps.com. Like us on Facebook for news/updates: http://www.facebook.com/musiceasyappFollow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MusicEasyApp.
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