Master Kotlin

Master Kotlin. Learn Everything you need about Kotlin (kotlin examples & kotlin android) This app is attempt to help the Developers for improving their efficiency and performance for Kotlin. Features: 1. Kotlin Basic Tutorial2. Java vs Kotlin Comparison 3. Sample Android programs in Kotlin4. Offline featureWhats inside the app? heres a list FAQ KotlinComparison to javaKotlin Basic SyntaxKotlin IdiomsKotlin Coding conventionsKotlin Basic typesKotlin packagesKotlin Control FlowKotlin Returns and JumpsKotlin Classes and InheritanceKotlin Properties and FieldsKotlin interfacesKotlin Visibility modifiersKotlin ExtensionsKotlin Data classesKotlin Sealed classesKotlin GenericsKotlin Nested classesKotlin Enum classesKotlin Object declarationsKotlin DelegationKotlin Delegated propertiesKotlin FunctionslambdasKotlin inline functionsKotlin CoroutinesDestructuring DeclarationsKotlin CollectionsKotlin RangesType Checks and CastsKotlin This-expressionsKotlin EqualityKotlin operator overloadingKotlin null safetyKotlin exceptionsKotlin annotationsKotlin reflectionKotlin type safe buildersKotlin type aliasesKotlin compatibilitycalling java from kotlinCalling Kotlin from JavaKotlin dynamic typeCalling JavaScript from KotlinCalling Kotlin from JavaScriptJavaScript modulesJavaScript reflectionKotlin for serverKotlin for androidKotlin for JavascriptDocumenting Kotlin CodeUsing Kotlin KaptUsing GradleUsing MavenUsing AntKotlin and OSGiCompiler PluginsThe reason of this Application, is to list helpful Program for Kotlin that will improve your overall efficiency and performance. Disclaimer: All trademarks, trade names, Content or logos mentioned or used are property of their respective owners. Owner of this app do not have any rights on the content presents in this app and do not provide any kind of guarantee of this content. All information is collected from internet. Keywords: kotlin in action, kotlin programming language, kotlin android tutorial, android studio kotlin, kotlin vs java, kotlin vs scala, kotlin blog, Kotlin, Kotlin Tutorials, Kotlin Tutorial, Kotlin Android, Kotlin Android Tutorials,
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