Octopus Watch by Joy

Octopus is the first icon-based watch that empowers kids by teaching good habits and the concept of time. It is the only watch that young children can read and understand. It links time to event, thru icons. The Octopus watch growths with the kid. You can select different clock faces (icons, digital, analog) for instance. And there is more. As a parent, you can create daily routines on your smartphone for what tasks you want your children to assimilate and to accomplish like to brush their teeth in the morning, to feed their fish or to complete a chore. (700+ icons to choose from). The schedule is pushed to the watch over bluetooth. (Then bluetooth is turned off so that your child is not exposed to radio frequencies). When a reminder pops up, thru an icon and gentle vibrations, the child knows that they have to accomplish a task. Little by little it becomes a good habit. We are also working on an optional gamification feature to make the habit forming experience feels more like a game. Octopus watch fosters responsibility, independence and self-esteem in children. Don't have the watch yet? Please visit http://octopus. watch.
Operating System Android