StudyPro Private Pilot Exam

Getting ready for your private pilot checkride? The StudyPro Private Pilot Oral Exam Guide can help you prepare for the ground portion of the exam by asking you questions commonly asked by examiners. With a database of over 400 questions covering dozens of topics you can effectively master the required knowledge to obtain your private pilots license. Start by going through the questions in the study section where the question is presented with the correct answer shown for easy learning. Once you have mastered a category, check your knowledge using the quiz section. Finally once you feel you have a good handle on all the categories take the final test which will randomly generate a 60 question test from the entire database. If you can pass the test with flying colors then you are ready for just about any question an examiner can throw at you. App Features-400 Question database -9 Main categories that reflect those found in the PTS-Dozens of sub-categories -All questions written by experienced CFIs with high Private Pilot pass rates-Asks questions examiners commonly use-3 Modes of study Study, Quiz, Test-Able to mark questions for future study-Review wrong answer after a quiz or test to see where improvement is neededGive yourself the best chance at success by using the StudyPro Private Pilot Oral Exam Guide to prepare for your checkride.
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