Our app is designed to be paired with a class or training program that allows teachers, trainers, and/or coaches to push notifications to students, learners, and/or trainees. Push notifications consists of a link to a quiz or message (personalized educational content), which are generated by teachers and/or trainers and hosted by www.inquizica.com. A course code is required to register. Ask if your teacher or school, company, or organization uses the Inquizica learning engagement system (LES). After registering, simply wait for push notifications. Click any of the push notifications to open a quiz or message. The quizzing app is a web-based app, which means there is no need to download additional apps; however, the quizzing app requires internet access. The app provides a permanent link to previous quizzes and messages (i.e. see buttons labeled "past quizzes" and "past messages"). This function allows the student or trainee the ability to review all available content at their own pace.
Operating System Android