Study-Pro for A/G Mark

Study-Pro helps you learn and then quiz yourself on your Bible Quiz text. The Scripture Browser lets you view any chapter with keywords highlighted for easy recognition. The Flashcards feature allows you to quiz yourself on either verse references, memory verses, or keywords. Also contains lists of unique words and word pairs. A quiz feature allows you to learn verses by tapping the correct word from a list of words. A search feature allows you to enter any word in the text and see a list of all occurrences with context. A "Prompterizer" memory aid displays any chapter with only the first letter of each word printed. NEW. Take timed "quizzes" where you complete verses by tapping words on the screen, and post your scores to compete against your friends. This version of Study-Pro is for the Teen Bible Quiz program of the Assembly of God for the 2017-18 study text of MARK in the 2011 NIV. It requires internet access to initialize the Scripture text, but after that can be used without internet connection.
Operating System Android