Dialysis Technician Test PREP

Note: WORK'S OFFLINE. Internet is NOT required. Let' Learn - contains 4 categories 1. Acronyms - list of abbreviation that is used in the dialysis world. 2. Conversion - list of conversion that is used in dialysis world. 3. Organizations - list of organizations that encircle the dialysis world. 4. Vocabularies - list of vocabularies that you will want to know when you're working in dialysis world. PREP test - consist of 130 questions, with answers and explanation that will help you prepare for dialysis technician Certification exam. Patient Care - Tips and videos on how to work as dialysis technician. This part is very helpful for inexperienced or even to experienced technician. You will adapt all of the good practice on how to perform each task in the dialysis unit properly. Happy Learning.
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