ATI Reader is an interactive eBook experience that allows you to study your ATI Review Modules whenever, wherever. Besides the convenience of on-demand access the app comes with the same features as your laptop/desktop experience. FEATURES INCLUDE: Progress is automatically synced to your ATI account when signed in. Start reading on your laptop and pick up where you left off on your tablet and/or smart phone. Save and remember important information by highlighting the desired text and selecting from any of the four options available. (Create a Note, Highlight, Weblink, or Hyperlink). Access any of the supplemental learning materials directly from the reader view as well. Quickly navigate and locate the exact information you desire by utilizing Search and Contents. Within Contents, you can also retrieve any saved bookmarks and other supplemental learning materials such as videos, images, quizzes, Active Learning Templates and Scenarios. IMPORTANT: To access and view any eBooks with ATI Reader, you must have a current ATI Account AND your instructor has granted you access to view the RN (eBook) Review Modules from the Learn tab within your ATI account.
Operating System Android