IFR Study

Comprehensive Study Guide for the Instrument Rating Oral and Practical Checkrides or IPCs/ICCs, the Instrument Proficiency Check. Written by Master CFIs with over 50 years of combined flight instruction experience, this set of 305 flashcards allows pilots to review areas that could get them violated without having to suffer through FAA Violations. Pilots preparing for the IFR Checkride will be able to approach the checkride with confidence and fly safer and easier having the background knowledge needed to fly on instruments in current airspace with current regulations. Instrument Rated Pilots and IFR students will find a comprehensive review of flight operations to include: 14 CFR part 1.14 CFR part 61.14 CFR part 91. Aeronautical Information Manual. Aviation Weather and Weather Services. "Instrument Flying Handbook". "Instrument Procedures Handbook". And Terms and Procedures specific to IFR GPS (Global Positioning System) and WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) UseApp updates will include more questions and card updates as FAA regulations and publications change.
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