Learn Musical Notes

This app is designed for both beginners and intermediate practitioners. Beginners can use the training mode to know the basics of placement of notes and later use the quiz mode to improve their sheet reading. Intermediate practitioners who already know the basics may use this app to increase speed and recognition accuracy. A simple and easy way to master the art of musical notes recallLearn the placement of notes on the staff/staveCheck your understanding by taking the test -to conquer the understanding presentation of notes are divided into 15 different levels - 5 levels for Treble Clef or GClef - 5 levels for Bass Clef or FClef - 5 levels of that randomly presents notes from Treble clef and Bass clef - each level presents notes at random to increase the learning and alertness - the random presentation prepares one for the reflex skills of correct note recognitionImprove the speed of recognition by repeating the test cyclesImprove the accuracy of recognition by playing each levelCheck the high-level and detailed score sheet to know how you are doingBoth the teacher and student can now review the performance at every levelPractice - Step by step method to learning and recognize musical notes using the practice mode. Change the clef and rotate the CogWheel to learn the placement of notes in the staffTest your skill - There are 15 levels (separated for the improvement of your skill) for both Bass and Treble clefs.
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