This app is intended to work in conjunction with the Resurrecting the Shark book by author Susan Ewing. is our take on the traditional pop-up style book, where through your smart device images on the page can come to life in 3D via Augmented Reality technology. Book Description. In 1993, Alaskan artist and paleo-shark enthusiast Ray Troll stumbled upon the weirdest fossil he had ever seen. a platter-sized spiral of tightly wound shark teeth. This chance encounter in the basement of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County sparked Troll's obsession with Helicoprion, a mysterious monster from deep time. In 2010, tattooed undergraduate student and returning Iraq War veteran Jesse Pruitt became seriously smitten with a Helicoprion fossil in a museum basement in Idaho. These two bizarre-shark disciples found each other, and an unconventional band of collaborators grew serendipitously around them, determined to solve the puzzle of the mysterious tooth whorl once and for all. Helicoprion was a Paleozoic chondrichthyan about the size of a modern great white shark, with a circular saw of teeth centered in its lower jaw. a feature unseen in the shark world before or since. For some ten million years, long before the Age of Dinosaurs, Helicoprion patrolled the shallow seas around the supercontinent Pangaea as the apex predator of its time. Just a few tumultuous years after Pruitt and Troll met, imagination, passion, scientific process, and state-of-the-art technology merged into an unstoppable force that reanimated the remarkable creature. and made important new discoveries. In this groundbreaking book, Susan Ewing reveals these revolutionary insights into what Helicoprion looked like and how the tooth whorl functioned. pushing this dazzling and awe-inspiring beast into the spotlight of modern science. The last three pages of the center illustration section act as targets for the app and can be viewed on any Android device. Please ensure that you have the whole image of the selected picture in frame. Once the model loads you can move either the book or Android device to see the model from different angles as long as the picture is kept in view of the camera. The models can also be viewed without the book via the menu option.
Operating System Android


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