Kids Moral Stories

Since time unknown, parents have been building kids' character by telling them stories and morals derived from them. This app is an effort to bring many such stories to one place, so that you can read to your kids time immortal stories. Download app to read following stories: A Hole in the FenceChristmas SurpriseFox who got caught in the tree trunkA Common ManThe Ant and the DoveThe Apple Tree and the BoyThe Fox and the GrapesThe Fox and the StorkThe Lion and the MouseThe Milkman and her PailGold Coins and a Selfish ManThe Stranger in the GardenTrue WealthThe Wolf and the LambA Glass of MilkThe Strange Birds with Two HeadsPowerful PrayersMoney can't Buy EverythingA Merchant and his DonkeyChange Yourself Not the WorldUnhelpful FriendsGreedy BoyStrong or WeakThe Ant and the GrasshopperThe Crystal BallThe Greedy MouseThe Hare and the TortoiseThe Proud Red RoseThe Tree and the TravellersThe Three CowsHealth is WealthThe Hidden TreasureDon't desire to walk when you haveReal vs FakeThe 17 Camels and 3 SonsCocoon and the ButterflyPrecious Coin and GenerosityParable of the PencilSand and StoneThe Boy who cried 'Wolf'The Bundle of SticksThe Goose with the Golden EggsThe Monkey and the DolphinThe Most Beautiful HeartThe ShipThe Thirsty CrowThe Wolf in Sheep's ClothingMoney vs FamilyThink before You SpeakReal Solutions to ProblemsFoolish Monkeys.
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