Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum for Windows 10

Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum The Exciting Way for Kids to Learn to Type. Kids learn to type on an exciting adventure on Typer Island. They learn all keyboard basics following an age-appropriate Typing Plan. Step-by-step lessons, challenges, tests, and games motivate kids to keep typing their way around the Island to reach the Castle, advance to the Lost City, and become touch-typists. Kids can learn in English or Spanish. Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum is the typing program for kids. It is the only typing software designed to teach young children to type that's packed with just the right mixture of education, entertainment, and motivation, so kids can improve their typing skills quickly and see immediate results. Kids learn to type with 10 age-appropriate lesson plans for specific age groups, beginning with ages 6 & 7. Variety of ways to practice typing, with games, lessons, drills, advanced skill-building lessons and challenges, plus 40 engaging Practice Stories. Island Adventure Theme Motivates Kids to Improve Typing Skills Reward-Seeking Program. This program offers rewards every step of the way. Kids visit distinct lands for lessons, challenges, tests, and games. They search for treasures, earn points, and add gold and jewels to their treasure box, on a journey to reach the Castle and become the Ruler of Typer Island. Once they reach the Castle, they advance to the Lost City, for more challenges and exciting games. Explore Distinct Lands. Kids visit The Old West, On the Water, In the Air, Over the Edge, and Under the Sea. They can take a break from lessons and go to Explorer Isle to play games, or to Story Lagoon to practice typing stories from Classic Literature and Fairy Tales. Exciting Castle Adventures. Once kids get to the Castle, they can play new games, like Tomb Typer and Xtreme Typing, and they can go to the Lost City for Treasure Quest and the ever-challenging Ziggy. The Lost City is underwater and only accessible by first Capturing the Castle. The Mysterious Lost City. Kids get to visit the Lost City once they complete the lessons, tests, and challenges of all five lands on Typer Island and "Capture the Castle. " In the Lost City, they can explore the ruins and the shipwreck, and play Treasure Quest, the first typing adventure game, and the challenging arcade action game, Ziggy. 30+ Game Challenges. Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum uses "Entertainment Explosion, " to make learning to type fun and exciting. Kids can play games in a variety of ways by selecting options from the game settings menu. Arcade-style play and multiple levels make games extremely challenging and fun. Typing Challenges and Tests Increase Speed and Accuracy There are over 30 typing challenges. These include: Comprehensive Evaluation. Timed Challenges. Advanced Level Challenges. Multi-Level Game Challenges Typing Tests There are hundreds of tests in Typing Instructor Platinum for Kids. Tests measure speed and accuracy, and results are provided for adjusted words per minute, based on both typing accuracy and speed. Instant Results Give Kids Incentive to Improve Keyboarding Skills. Instant Feedback is provided on typing results. Kids can see how they did on a lesson, challenge, test, or game right away. Results are given for: WPM scores & Accuracy Percentages. Results Calculated from All Activities. Performance Assessment for Key, Finger, Hand & Row. Printable Results. Results Tracked for five Typists Performance assessments are provided by key, finger, hand, and row. Certificates of Achievement Kids can print a certificate of achievement to show they have successfully conquered Typer Island and Rule the Island. Creative Lessons and Exercises Help Kids Learn to Type Step-by-Step Typing Instruction is provided, including proper posture, finger position, and ergonomic features. Visual Guides show finger/key placement. Lesson Plans Lessons include step-by-step instruction with visual 3D guide hands. There are 10 customized lesson plans to teach kids of all ages to type: Learning the Home Row. Home Row and Upper Row. Home Row and Lower Row. Ages 7-8. Ages 9-10. Games Plan. Skill Building Plan. Suggested Typing Plan (no games). Suggested Typing Plan Learn in English and Spanish There are 160 lessons, in English and Spanish. All lessons include: Structured Touch-Typing Content. Proven Methods for Skill-Building. Unique Drills & Interactive Exercises. Age-Appropriate Content. Graphic Guide Hands. Standard & Split Keyboards. Multi-Skill Levels.
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