Vehicle Sounds Cartoon

Free Vehicle Sounds (Kids Learning Vehicles) application was developed especially for kids and toddlers. It is a very simple and funny program. It aims to entertain kids while teaching vehicle sounds. Kids will have a good time by learning different vehicle sounds. (Car, plane, bicycle, truck etc). Using the application is quite simple. Select a category and go over flashcards by sliding between pages. The main features of the application are briefly: ¬ Application can work without internet connection¬ The images used in application are carefully selected popular vehicle sounds and images from all over the world. ¬ The most appealing feature of the app is that you have a category as albums. In addition to the ready-made categories, you can take a picture of vehicles that you want your child to learn and create your own album. ¬ This application was developed for children aged 1-6 years. ¬ The practice is to enable children to learn vehicles in a fun and quick way. ¬ There are over 50 carefully selected pictures of most popular vehicles. ¬ Land Vehicles: Cars, Construction Machines, Trucks, Motorbike, Bicycle, Tractor, Train¬ Water Vehicles: Ships, Submarine, Sailboat, Hovercraft, Jet-ski, Gondola¬ Air Vehicles: Airplanes, helicopters, balloons, space shuttle, rocket, zeppelin, airship¬ Slideshow mode is available. ¬Awesome images and sounds. Images can animate when you touch it. ¬You can set ringtones. ¬ Learning vehicles with exams and games has become more fun. ¬ There are 4 different mini examinations in the quiz sections. Children can test their knowledge with a 5-question mini-exam. Different mini-exam types help reinforce the teaching of vehicles and their sounds and the development of children's motor skills. ¬ With the Matching game in the game section, children can match vehicles' pairs and have fun. Game features in applicationThe aim of the game is to find the same vehicles as soon as possible. The same matching vehicle pairs become invisible. The game will be completed when all vehicle pairs are found. At the end of the game, score, duration, number of trials, bonus and total score are shown. The game has 3 difficulty levels. Easy, normal and hard. Easy difficulty level is composed of 3x4 size matrix. Normal difficulty level is composed of 4x5 size matrix. Hard difficulty level is composed of 6x8 size matrix. The application has 10 different language options. (Turkish / English / German / French / Russian / Portuguese / Japanese / Korean / Spanish / Arabic). Transportation Sounds application is compatible with almost all Android devices, however in any problem let us know, we will proceed immediately. ATTENTION: Sound files which were used in this application, were obtained from various sources on the internet that labeled them as "freely distributable". Therefore, if you discover any sound file in this application which you recognize as copyrighted, please email me. In this way, I will remove them immediately. Free Vehicle Sounds, Kids Learning Vehicles, Transportation Sounds, Vehicles for Kids, vehicle sounds for kids free, All vehicle sounds. Most of the image and vector files which were used in this application were bought from "".
Operating System Android