A. B. O. Exam is an easy to use study aid essential in preparation for the ABO Exam, any similar exam or just to review your knowledge. The convenience of your mobile device guarantees you the ability to quiz yourself at any time for as long as you want. Your score progression is recorded so you can plan your future Opticianry studies. A. B. O. Exam is nothing more than a learning aid, it presents you with a question and 4 multiple choice answers, similar to any of the exams given by the ABO, you then select the best answer and immediately you will find out if you are correct and presented with a concise explanation, the extend of the explanation is dependent on the clarification needed. You have the choice of listening to the questions and answers through your device Text to Speech voice, which is very helpful in the learning process. You can stop the whole quiz in any question and then come back later to the same question even after turning your device off. A. B. O. Exam is based on numerous Opticianry books, manual and courses (Bibliography included) and it utilizes repetition, the idea is for you to get to see the questions and correct answers, so if-or when you see them again you will recognize them intuitively and recall the proper answers. It contains 5 different ABO related subjects and more than 500 questions. A. B. O. Exam contains NO ads and does NOT need any permissions since it only uses your touch screen and saves your score data.
Operating System Android