UM Sandhyavandanam

UM Sandhya application provides simple and easy to learn interface for learning Sandhyavandam kriya for all level of learners using mobile device. The application incorporates animated video covering detailed steps of performaing Sandhyavandanam kriya. The animated video is assisted with audio and lyrics which go in sync with animated video helping users learn actions, pronunciations, text for all the steps involved in the kriya. UM Sandhya application supports multiple language text and learners can select appropriate language by navigating to settings page and make a selection. As video starts playing the text gets highlighted for currently spoken sentence and application automatically scrolls to other sentences in sequence as video seeks ahead. Users can play/pause/zoom video or zoom index using right buttons available on screenUM Sandhya application provides auto play mode where in video navigates between steps by completely playing video without user intervention. The application provides flexibility for users to navigate steps backward or forward direction anytime. UM Sandhya is conceptualised and developed based on "Rigveda Trikal Sandhyavandane" book published by Vishva Madhwa Maha Parishat, Uttaradimath, composed by Pt. Vadirajacharya Karnam. In the current release we have covered "Rigveda - Trikaal Sandhyavandanam" and in future release we will be covering "Yajurveda - Trikaal Sandhyavandanam".
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None