Blicker For Student - Student Response System for Windows 10

Blicker is the result of evaluating the different classroom response solutions out there in the market. Blicker seeks to eliminate all their disadvantages and combining all their benefits. Blicker is the revolutionary Classroom Response System that uses Bluetooth Low Energy for student and teacher interaction. It eliminates the need for cumbersome Internet, additional gadgets like clickers, props like QR codes, data plan, registration, login/logoff etc.It is so simple that although it uses Bluetooth, there is no need for any pairing. Students just press the button and the teacher will get the response immediately. All it needs for Blicker to work is a Windows 10 laptop for the Teacher and a smartphone for the students. Get Blicker from the respective App store today. Blicker is the Teacher's best tool to solicit the student's responses. There is no set-up required, no need for additional gadget, no physical props required, no QR codes, no need for Teacher to scan QR code, and very importantly NO NEED for any internet connectivity. In fact, the only requirement that is needed is what most students would already have with them - A Smartphone All the student needed is to download the Free Blicker Student App on their Smart Phone or on their Windows 10 devices. The app uses the new Bluetooth Low Energy Technology to transmit small data packets containing the student selected responses into the air. As there is no setup or any internet connectivity needed, all the student would need to response is to tap on their desired responses and the Blicker Teacher App will immediately show all the consolidated results in a simple bar chart. There is absolutely no need for any internet or sign up In the Anonymous Mode, the students will feel at ease to know that his responses remains anonymous. In the Identity Mode, the student's unique Identity will be sent along with his/her response. The teacher will then be able to know individual student's response to the questions. In the Attendance Mode, the teacher will be able to automatically take each student's attendance with a timestamp to it. Every student that turns up for class will have a timestamp in their attendance. Also the teacher can export the attendance conveniently to Excel. A little bit of technicality here on the Blicker App. The Blicker Student App uses the new Bluetooth Low Energy Advertisement protocol. There is NO NEED for any cumbersome Bluetooth pairing with the Blicker Teacher App. As Bluetooth Low Energy technology is being used, this app actually consumes very low energy. Despite this, the technology allows the Blicker Student App and the Blicker Teacher App to be as far as 75 meters apart. Also, technically, the Blicker Teacher App is capable to consolidate results from hundreds of Blicker Student Apps.
Operating System Mobile Windows Windows 10 Windows Mobile
System RequirementsAvailable for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile (x86, x64, ARM)


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