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DreamAfrica (not dream africa) is home to animations and films from around the world (Africa and the Diaspora) to celebrate cultural representation in digital media. Get unlimited access to animations, shorts, documentaries and films from all cultures for home and school use. Animations are also live screened and featured at film festivals. DreamAfrica (not dream africa) is FREE to download in Africa and the global Diaspora and use for 30 days on a FREE TRIAL after which monthly (5.99/month) and annual ($54.99/year) payment options are provided to unlock continuous unlimited use. Prices may be adjusted by country to support local currency and there is also a bulk purchase option for schools to login with Clever and unlock African films and Diaspora animations. DreamAfrica (not dream africa) offers a revenue share model for our content partners in Africa and the Diaspora for the global distribution as 80/20 in favor of children's publishers, 70/30 in favor of teen or young adult publishers and 60/40 in favor of adult publishers. Our African films and Diaspora animations from around the world reflect and celebrate cultural representation in digital media. Find out more on our website www.wedreamafrica.com #DiasporaFilms #DiasporaAnimations #AfricanFilms #AfricanAnimations #DiasporaandAfricanAnimations @wedreamafricaDreamAfrica (not dream africa) accepts no fee animation and film submissions from around the world for featuring on the platform, screening at festivals as well as potential monetization via the revenue share plan. Our collection of Animations and films from DreamAfrica Originals to African and Diaspora animations and films celebrate submissions from around the world. Discover, monetize and curate your reflection. At DreamAfrica (not Dream Africa), we believe language is the key to effective communication and we support language development and evolution through various media like audio for oral, music and spoken stories; animations for illustrated and visual stories and film for immersive visual experiences. Whether it is Diaspora animations, diaspora films or african animations and african films, our collection of stories, both original and submitted come from all over the world with a richness, depth and bread in multilingual and multicultural representation in digital media. We provide access and distribution to music, audio, animations and films from Africa, the Diaspora and around the world. Find out more on our website www.facebook.com/wedreamafrica #DiasporaFilms #DiasporaAnimations #AfricanFilms #AfricanAnimations #DiasporaandAfricanAnimations @wedreamafrica.
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