Coins Math Learning Games

This app is designed to help you. With this app, your children learn to identify, compare and resolve math problems with coins. Include more than 10 games divided into: Identify: match coins with the correct value. Compare: order and indicate which panel has more. Equivalent: learn to match group of coins with same value. Shopping: drag coins to pay for items or make change. Kids will love this game because it shows coins, bills, operations, with a nice interface. Available with U. S dollar (USD) ; Euro (EUR) ; Pounds (GBP) ; Mexican Peso (MXN) Multiplayer. Easy to play. You have the option of unlimited play. You can watch your step by step progress. Suitable for children aged 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 years. You can play without internet connection. Users: First graders, 2nd graders, 3rd graders and 4th graders. Teachers in the classroom. HomeschoolersFollow us on facebook: appsFollow us on twitter: in english, spanish, catalan, german, french, italian, greek.
Operating System Android