Solar Walk 2 for Education

Solar Walk 2 for Education is a 3D simulation of the Solar System Model. The app is the best fit for the astronomy and the Natural Science classes that teach how our Universe works: the size, orbits, composition, internal structure of all planets, the Sun, Moon, asteroids, and comets. The app also features the historical timeline of space exploration missions. Every mission in the app has a 3D Model, it's current position in the Solar System, thorough info, wikipedia article and milestones like the date when it was launched, the flybys, orbit insertions and main goals it achieved. Solar Walk 2 for Education is a primary app without ads and In-App Purchases that makes the learning process smooth, without any interruption: No Internet connection needed. No In-App Purchases. No adsMain Topics that can be taught with the help of Solar Walk 2 app: The Sun: radius, volume, temperature, main info, internal structure, etc.The Planets of the Solar System: sizes, orbits, structure, etc.The jovian and terrestrial planetsThe Moon: size, structure, atlas, missionsThe solar and lunar eclipsesThe history of Space Exploration: calendar, milestones, and more. Possible Classroom Uses: Use the app as a whole class teaching tool when learning about space and the solar system. Let children use the app as a reference tool. Can they use it to create a report about space. Connect the app to a projector and use it as a backdrop for a video presentation about space. These first hand testimonials are from the educators who have introduced their classrooms to Solar Walk. They claim that using Solar Walk has proved to change classroom atmosphere to engage students and make complicated material more available. "I used this app recently when teaching Year 9 BTEC students about the composition of the Solar System and the somewhat unbelievable sizes of planets and our galaxy. Students were engaged from the start as I had chosen to project the animation of the solar system rotating slowly on the board as the pupils arrived. A darkened room and the music playing set the scene for the lesson and I was pleased and amazed by the engagement of the students throughout the lessons as this app made the lesson more accessible to all students. Students were to research all of the different planets in the solar system and produce a scale drawing of the solar system by the end of the lesson. "-- Smartlearning Teacher of Science at Priority Community School Weston Super Mare. "Solar Walk gives your students a realistic look at the Solar System. The time machine feature is excellent and will help students visualize the changes in the Solar System over time. Let your students take a virtual field trip to the planet of their choice to explore and report back to the class about. Students can become astronauts flying to the planet of choice, getting an in-depth look at the planet, and exploring each of the planets moons. "-- iPad Curriculum. "Even though my students watched Solar Walk on a small screen, they felt like they experienced the solar system as they had read in Lucy and Stephen Hawking's book "George's Secret Key to the Universe" (yep, he wrote a kids novel). In that book a powerful computer can open a portal to show young George the planets. That is precisely what my classroom of children will pretend if we can manipulate Solar Walk on our large interactive screen. "-- Greg Kroening, Burroughs Community School.
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