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Course mate is a perfect companion for university going students in every situation. This mobile app has been designed in such way that this will work as a solution provider for the students. The app contains detailed outline of the course along with the schedule which will help the user specially the student to remain up to date. Two parties involved- the course instructor and the students, where instructors will create the group and will provide the necessary information to the student; whereas student will join in the group and will get access available to all information provided by the instructor. User GuidelineFor group creator1) Create a group with unique group name and password2) Share this group name and password with your student3) Fill the course information template by providing the information4) Fill the Marks Distribution template by providing the weighted marks on each sector5) Create an Exam name by pressing the "+" button, and then hold on the created exam name to include the detail exam information. Same process goes for Quizzes, Assignment and Term paper/Presentation. 6) To share information instantly, use Important Notice section. E. g. Class has been canceled7) Whatever date has been provided in each section that will become summary in the "Calendar"8) In Overview section, summarized information of all the sections will be presentedFor Group Joiner1) Join the group by putting the valid Group name with password provided by the group creator2) After Joining you will get the instant notification from your course instructor3) "Calendar" And "Upcoming" section will give you the summarized information of your course4) For detail information, you have to click on specific template. Ex. Click "Course Information", "Marks Distribution", " Mid terms/Finals", " Quizzes", " Assignment", "Term Paper/Presentation" and "Important Notice". Key features: 1) Notification: whenever any information updated or modified by the course instructor, members of the group will get instant notification. 2) This app is totally free. Support1) For any Query please visit our Facebook page and give your precious suggestion so that we can add more features. 2) If you have liked this app please share this app by "Sharing" this app with your friends3) Please keep yourself updated. Link: 1) Facebook page:
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